Journal, January 23, 1976 AM

I finally managed to give away those sociology books, but it took a little doing. I came into town {San Salvador}, got the books, and got over to the library by 2:15, just to wait until 4 because Morena never showed up. So finally I packed up and went over to the social science faculty by myself - asking directions. I talked to a dude who had something to do with the sociology library, & he was more than happy to take the books. He said they’d put a citation with my name in each one (can you dig it!). I didn’t know what to do with the rose I’d brought for Morena (to say thanks) - finally tossed it in a car window in a parking lot.

Back at Peace Corps office I ran into Chico {Rodriguez}. We had one of our best talks in some time. I leveled with him about the situation at El Maizal, and my belief that they’d be better off without cows right now. He accepted that, but is still trying to get me to do some sociology related work. He still talks about the Cerron Grande project and how badly they need a 'rural sociologist'. I told him I’d like to meet with their sociologist, and see what kind of study they’re setting up, but wouldn’t work full time on it. He’s going to trade me a copy of "Feeds and Feeding" for my sociology methods book. I’ve always wanted to have that book. Chico says we may all go over to the Honduras agriculture school for a visit at the end of February. It could be a real hectic end of February this year!

I indulged in two salads at the Skandia {restaurant}, and then finished off my grits for supper last night. I’m at Steve’s {Pamperin} again.

<I wrote to Sofia last night, and told her about Jan’s possible visit.> I can’t write beautifully simple letters like hers, so I suffered over it, trying to say just what I felt, and ended up dissatisfied, of course.

I called Morena in the middle of the letter. She claims I promised to call first and confirm that I was coming into town today. I know that ain’t so, but didn’t press it too hard, since she was adamant. It’s a weird thing about her, so certain of things I know didn’t happen. I have complete confidence in my memory, but why quibble? We had a nice friendly chat, but it’s clear from the way she teases me about Costa Rica that now it’s she who wants to be more than friends. Sorry girl. I agreed to go to the Fiestas Patronales {Patron Saint Festival} in San Isidro May 15th, and to call and talk to her in English once in a while, to help her practice for when Stateside friends call up or visit. Don Torribio was at her house, and came on to say "Hi". I’ll have to get up to see him and Doña Julia.

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