Journal, January 21, 1976 AM

Boy, I’m either sick, or the heat is getting to me! I went to bed at about 7:00 last night, and at 6 AM I’m still feeling groggy and ache all over. I finally broke down and took my malaria medicine last night, figuring I was feeling so weak & tired I’d be easy prey. The Peace Corps doctor told me Friday I should always take my pills, living on the beach, but I haven’t since late November. I had that weird dizziness again yesterday too. I stood up from having been half laying back - talking to Luis about some Chilean protest songs we were listening to, & about Salvadoran illegals in the U.S. (his Dad’s one) - and saw before my open eyes something like a fireworks display. It was a symmetrical group of white lights (like fireflies weaving a pattern before me). Who needs drugs when such weird things can happen to you straight?

Antonio and I experimented with tattooing the rabbits using a needle and shoe polish powder! We did two, and if it didn’t wash off we’ll try a few more today.

One of the baby goats had a “gusanera” {nest of maggots} of worms in its navel - like you see in textbooks illustrating grave parasite infestations. We put some black gooey antibiotic (can’t hang onto that name!) on it and it killed the worms, but the wound still looks gross.

I read the paper (major operation) and it (El Diario de Hoy) was full of news about PCN, the official party, getting primed up for the March elections of mayors and legislators. Not a word about UNO, organization of all opposing parties. The radio is full of PCN propaganda too. Nothing like fascism with a pretense of democracy to make you sick! But the people too know that PCN has all the money, & the national papers so it really is largely overkill, all their politicking. I want to see what they do on election day. I’ve heard they buy, coerce and demand votes in the rural areas, using the Guardia Naciónal {National Guard}, and the organization of ex-soldiers against communism to back them up.

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