Journal, January 6, 1977 AM

Yesterday I passed the quarter of a century mark, reaching 25 years of age. Today I feel old. Twenty-five years I’ve lived and done nothing to distinguish myself. I feel like a young man with “a great future in his past.” This phrase was given me by a former Rhodes Scholarship winner who was a U.W. {University of Wisconsin-Madison} administrative officer & on the Wisconsin Rhodes Scholarship selection committee when I competed for a scholarship. He said that was the classic description of a Rhodes Scholar, a man with a great future in his past. Everyone thought I had great potential when I was in high school & college. I still believe that I do.

Yesterday, moneymaking schemes were humming in my brain. Life would be so much less tension inspiring if I had some real money to play around with, like $10,000+. I still keep coming back to the imperative of writing newspaper articles or something for a magazine, and trying to sell it. The idea is lodged in my brain. Now if only I could raise myself to the action level. I’ll just have to hope for a prize in the Publishers’ Clearinghouse sweepstakes. I received an entry form & gambled the stamp to send it back. Everyone is looking for a free lunch, right?

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